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Culture: OBH

Arab Men on College Campuses: Absence, Mentorship, and a Stronger Community

Omega Beta Eta, Arab Fraternity, Inc. is excited to invite Jad Elharake, fraternal father and national president of the fraternity, to speak about the importance of building a peer-to-peer support system and platform for Arab men to learn to navigate their Arab identity, develop personally and professionally, and be politically-minded on college campuses.

Speaker: Jad Elharake

Culture: EAΣ

Owning Your Narrative: Arab Women in America

Often times as Arab Women, our stories are told for us by people outside of our own community, or they are not told at all. Join EAΣ and Rima Fadlallah in exploring what a narrative is, what it means to own it, and how that manifests as an Arab woman on a college campus. 

Speaker: Rima Fadlallah

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Culture: Arab Student Association

Organizing Arab Communities 

This workshop explains the new programs developed by ASA called SALAM and ALN. SALAM (Student Arab Leaders At Michigan) is an Arab specific orientation program created to give resources and build connections with the incoming freshman class. ALN (Arab Leadership Network) is a leadership and mentorship program held on going through out the school you to continue to develop and support the first year students. During this workshop we plan to share more details about these programs how ways the they could best started at your Universities.


Professional Development: Arab Business Society (ABS) 

Venture Capital in the Middle East

Venture capital is a type of financing that is provided by firms or funds to small, early-stage, emerging firms that are deemed to have high growth potential. Investments such as these are vital to the growth of economies in the Middle East. This session will take a look at VC investments in the Middle East by providing a brief introduction to venture capital, a glimpse into Middle-Eastern start-ups, and look into investments made by Middle Eastern countries in start-up firms around the world.

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Professional Development: Hikayat 

Hikayatona: (Re) Telling Our Story

This panel will focus on celebrating the contributions of Arab American artists and creatives, and will emphasize art’s relationship to our culture. We will also discuss how to represent your identity through art and how to professionally develop your work


Professional Development:  National Arab American Medical Association (NAAMA) NextGen

Arab Americans in Health Professions: Empowerment, Education, and Opportunity

A panel of physicians will focus on a physician's journey through medicine, valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way and any advice they have for pre-med students following in their footsteps. 


Community Organizing: UNICEF

Fundraising Methodology: Unite Your Community 

WHY, WHAT, HOW? These are the essential questions that must be asked before committing to any community initiative. This workshop will break down the events and philanthropic actions of the Keys for Kids Initiative and facilitate an activity on how you can answer the WHYs, WHATs, and HOWs of fundraising within your community.

Speaker: Omar Fehmi

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Community Organizing: SOS (Students Organize for Syria) 

Building Bridges Between Your Campus and Local Refugee Community

As the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time, the Syrian refugee crisis requires all hands on deck. Join SOS and guest speaker Lilah Khoja in a workshop on how to best support and advocate for Syrian refugees, both locally and abroad. This interactive session will break down how to: form relationships with communities in need, how to be an effective ally, how to utilize your resources, and more.

Speaker: Lilah Khoja


Community Organizing: ISA (Iraqi Student Association) 

Poetic Migration in Iraq

 Iraqi poetry is a powerful medium that showcases the experiences of its writers through classical, free verse, and prose. The poetry is influenced by the diverse ethnicities, religions, and languages that make up Iraq. Please join the Iraqi Student Association with guest speaker Wijdan Alsayegh in a discussion of the evolution of Iraqi poetry and its relationship to the political, religious, and social experiences of various Iraqi poets. Special reading by Thomas Zimmerman.

Speaker: Wijdan Alsayegh


Community Organizing: SAFE 

Palestinian Activism: On and Off Campus 

A panel-style workshop that will discuss the different avenues of what Palestinian work, activism, and organizing looks like in America. The first half of the panel will discuss what Palestinian work looks like on a college campus including its history, its successes, and how to get involved. The second half of the panel will cover different avenues for Palestinian work beyond your college campus. It will outline the speaker’s personal transition from campus organizing to different kinds of organizing, including through Non-Governmental Organizations and Grassroot Movements. 

Speaker: Jenna Hassan